Meet the Forecaster

Meet the Forecaster

Ever since I was 8 years old, I’ve been facinated by severe weather, especially tornadoes. A storm rolled through my home town. When I looked up, I stood in awe of the most beautiful, intense Mammatus clouds I have ever seen. I was scared to death! They were on the rear side of the anvil, sun lit and spectacular. I have been hooked ever since.

Over the past 30 years, my interest has led to my reading of some 40+ papers and articles written by some of the most well researched and respected scientists from NOAA/NSSL. Now, as a severe weather analyzer and forecaster, I study mesoscale and microscale thermodynamics, upper flow charts and dynamics, surface analysis maps, computer model data and satellite images to help me get to the storms.

I’m a certified and registered spotter for both the United States and Canada, (EC#0N0569) and have been activly involved in the CANWARN program for several years. I’m also U.S. NWS Advanced SKYWARN certified. When chasing in tornado alley, I sometimes like to team up with my brother-in-law, Ben Fuller, together we make a well rounded team. We have been to tornado alley in search of natures most beautiful and dangerous weather systems, chasing in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and New Mexico. Ben and I will be teaming up to track severe weather for 2005.

My reason for getting into HAM radio was to check into the various SKYWARN nets in and around tornado alley. I’m a member of TESSA, TORRO, as well as very well experienced in CANWARN Net Controller activities. Ben Fuller and I will be teaming up this season, tracking severe weather and tornadoes over southern Ontario.

As for my callsign, “VA3TVS”, that refers to my location in Canada, and “TVS” stands for “Tornadic Vortex Signature”. Ben’s call sign is “VA3PDS”, “Particularly Dangerous Situtation”. Maybe one day we can meet in tornado alley, or better yet, organize a storm chasing tour together. Simply email me and ask. This of course depends on seating availablity, time constraints and overall dynamic flow characteristics. Also, sometimes, Mother Nature does not always cooperate with a good forecast. But working together, Ben Fuller and I always get to the storms!!!