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Chatham Ontario Flood Monday February 16 2009: 
Due to mild temperatures, snow melt caused the Thames River to overflow it's banks on Monday February 16, 2009.  This led to Flash Flooding in
low lying areas such as parking lots and Community Parks.  I went to Chatham to check it out for myself.  The local EMO had the park danger under control.  Local HAM frequencies were quiet because their was no immediate danger to people or property. 
Image taken by Ron Mon Feb 16, 2009


Chatham Ontario Flood Monday February 16, 2009: 
Parking lot (zoomed in) view of an A1 Shine van. 
Not sure why the van was not moved in time.
I guess the owner can clean out the van himself!
All images are low res for internet upload. 
Photo by Ron Mon Feb 16, 2009


Chatham Ontario Flood:  Park Sign Under Water
On the corner of 4th St. & King Street.  Looking north towards park under water.  Notice Park sign under water (no swimming/no fishing).  Bottom sign reads: "Walk ways not maintained during the Winter Season".  Image by Ron Mon Feb 16, 2009


Chatham Ontario Flood:  Street Light Under Water
This image of a street light almost under water shows the scale of water depth that occurred in Chatham ON. on Mon Feb 16 2009. 
I'm guessing the water was 8 to 10 feet deep.
Image by Ron Mon Feb 16, 2009


New Hamburg Ontario Flash Flood Dec 28, 2008: 
Ice Debris/Chunk Image
After the flood waters receded the next day, I drove downstream from New Hamburg.  Along Holland Mills Road, I came upon these large ice chunks that were grounded when the flood waters receded.  They were fairly big, over 2.5 feet thick and around 10 feet in diameter. 
I parked my car along side for scale in the image.
By Ron Dec 29, 2008


New Hamburg Flash Flood December 28, 2008
Ice Debris/Chunk Image
Along Holland Mills Road I stopped to get a picture of these large ice debris chunks.  Measuring over 2 feet thick and over 10 feet long, they were formed when record warm temps, along with modest rainfall joined together to swell the Nith River. 
This was some of the worst flooding in 57 years.
Image by Ron Dec 29, 2008


New Hamburg Sunset December 29, 2008
Sunset Through Trees
I was treated to a nice sunset SE of New Hamburg. 
Image by Ron Dec 29, 2008


Kitchener Moon Image December 29, 2008
Moon Through Tree
Nice night image, in Kitchener
Image by Ron Dec 29, 2008


New Hamburg Sunset December 29, 2008
Sunset Image
Looking west from Huron Road (Hwy 2)
Image taken Dec 29, 2008


New Hamburg Sunset December 29, 2008
Sunset Sky
Very nice sunset SE of New Hamburg. 
Image by Ron Dec 29, 2008

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